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"Change before you have to."
- Jack Welch

If it is Designed in SolidBuilder, it can be Built in the Field
With SolidBuilder powerful roof feature, it will not only give you a roof that looks good, but we have yet to find one that could not be built in the field as it was designed. Roofs are not as easy as they used to be and you need a product with true building Intelligence to guarantee it can be built as designed. Stop running into problems in the field, design it correctly from the beginning.

Complex Roofs
SolidBuilder is capable of designing very complex roof systems. With flexible roof options, you can create multiple slopes, multiple plate heights, gambrel style, turret style, shed roofs, and much more. Again, we have not found one we couldn’t design in SolidBuilder.  

Advanced Roof Options
Roof options allows you to specify exactly how you want your roof built. You can specify information such as rafter size, rafter spacing, seat cuts, birds mount cuts, heel heights, plate heights, cantilevers, multiple ways to specify the slope and much more. SolidBuilder will then display every cut and assembly for your crew in the field to use - get it right the first time.  

Truss Links
Since SolidBuilder will design a correct and accurate roof, you can export your design to roof truss programs such as Mitek and Computrus. This allows your truss provider to engineer the trusses based on your design. You won’t find this in any other program simply because no other program can give you an accurate roof design that a truss provider can utilize.

Complex Roof Framing
After your roof has been created, you can frame it with only a couple of clicks. The roof will frame according to your roof options, but with the framing editor, you can modify the roof framing to reflect how the roof will have to be framed on the job site. 

Rafter Cut list
After framing your roof, you can utilize the automatic cut lists generated in SolidBuilder. See each rafter profile, the bevel cuts, angles, seat cuts, birds mouth cuts and more.

Trussed Roofs Systems
SolidBuilder has the ability to design a stick framed roof as well as a trussed roof. If representing a trussed roof, simply specify the top chord depth as well as the heel height of the truss. This will give you an accurate roof and therefore accurate blueprints, as well as provide your truss provider with an accurate design.

Roof Sheathing
Once your roof has been created, you can apply roof sheathing. By simply specifying your sheathing size and sheathing template, SolidBuilder applies the sheathing to your roof.